Soodeh International Educational complex positions the students in appropriate contextualized learning experiences and authentic context for students are prepared to develop and use language. Students have the opportunity to learn more than two languages from at least the age of 5. Students are taught through the relevant, authentic context of the units of inquiry. The learning process simultaneously involves learning language—as students listen to and use language with others in their everyday lives; learning about language—as learners grow in their understanding of how language works; and learning through language—as students use language as a tool to listen, think, discuss and reflect on information, ideas and issues. Each student is considered as a unique individual with different experiences and perceptions, so no two students’ progress at the same rate, or along the same developmental pathways.

All subjects are taught through transdisciplinary and interdisciplinary process. When teachers plan learning experiences that enable students to develop language within meaningful and enjoyable contexts, Students are able to make connections, apply their learning, and transfer their conceptual understanding to new situations. This progressive conceptual development, together with an enjoyment of the process, provides the foundation for lifelong learning. Both formative and summative are used to support each student to make progress through the phases of development. Therefore, teachers plan for differentiated instruction in the classroom.