In the name of God

 “Today reading books and acquiring knowledge are not only a national duty, but also a religious obligation.” – Ayatollah Khamenei


Rules and Regulations – Preschool and Primary Years


The school rules have been established in partnership with the community’s expectations in terms of acceptable standard of behavior, class and presentation in the widest sense. Following these rules is considered as an effective step towards reaching our educational and ethical objectives.

  • Students are expected to follow the school rules at all times when on school grounds, on the way to and from school and also on fieldtrips.
  • Be punctual. Students are to be present at school 15 minutes before classes start. In case of absence, delays or need for permission to leave the school, notify the administrators earlier.
  • Students have the responsibility to respect the rights of other, property and equipment of school and their peers; read all school notices and bring them to their parents’ attention; respect the school staff, teachers, administrators and the principal.
  • Students are to wear the school uniform tidily and at all times on school grounds.
  • Students should refrain from using accessories at school.
  • Students should refrain from littering and keep their classrooms and school premises clean and tidy.
  • Digital devices (phones, laptops, smart watches, cameras, etc.) are not permitted at school unless with the express of permission of the administrators. If a student uses devices inappropriately or in contravention of school’s policy, she will be given a written notice. On second notice the device will be confiscated and referred to disciplinary committee.
  • In case a student needs to have her phone on special occasions, she needs to have a written note from her parents and hand it in early morning.
  • Parents are encouraged to actively participate in PTAs to strengthen educational and behavioral activities.
  • Students are encouraged to use the library and develop the culture of reading in their everyday life.
  • In case your children have any medical conditions, please inform the school’s administrators and health department.
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