At Soodeh International School we aim to educate international-minded and intercultural individuals in an open and cooperative environment. We try to nurture a culture of peace, understanding and care within a dynamic learning community that encourages the students to flourish their creativity, sense of inquiry and responsibility as global citizens.


Soodeh International School was founded in 2012 and offers three educational programs:

Early years and preschool   

Primary program                             

Middle Years Program


Early years and preschool:

Children are encouraged to learn through playing. Our skilled teachers try use a variety of teaching styles to cater to the diverse learning needs of all the students. The children are involved in their own learning process through different techniques such as storytelling, puppet shows, art and craft activities, songs and rhymes, puzzles and construction play. There is a focus on life skills to promote their sense of responsibility and independence with the help of an expert.


Primary Program:

The main focus in the primary program is to create international-minded individuals who through the guidance of their teachers and their own efforts will grow into life-long learners. To achieve this goal, the subjects presented throughout the primary years are numeracy, literacy, art, physical education and sports, social studies, computer and technology, French and Farsi languages.


Middle Years Program

The Middle Years Program is designed for students aged 11 to 16. It provides a framework of learning that encourages students to become creative, critical and reflective thinkers. The Middle Years Program emphasizes intellectual challenge, encouraging students to make connections between their studies in traditional subjects and the real world. It fosters the development of skills for communication, intercultural understanding and global engagement—essential qualities for young people who are becoming global leaders.