PTA Meeting- Report 3  

In The Name of God

Parents and Teachers’ Association (2016-2017) (95-96)

Session Three

Subject: Report 3

The third session of Parents and Teachers’ Association was held on November 22, 2016, from 8: 00 to 10:00. The following activities were done respectively:

  1. Two alterations in  the schedule of meetings of Parents and Teachers’ Association as follows:
  1. The 29/11/2016 session will be postponed to 06/12/2016.
  2. A session, dated 13/02/2016, is added on the schedule due to longsome interval between the 30/01/2017 session and the 13/02/2017 one.
  1. A report based on the check list, provided by some members of the association on November 3, 2016, was presented by Mrs. Khanjari as:
  1. Repairing light switches and sockets.
  2. Firming curtain levers by extra bolts.
  3. Renovating or repairing the light-lamps on the ceilings apace.
  4. An appointment with Mr. Asgari, as the person in charge of school installation, with the companionship of Mr. Moosavi, will be set in order to check or fix the correlated problems.
  5. The remaining options in the check list will be inspected by Mrs. Khanjari, as soon as possible.
  6. Since there are some reports based on inappropriate air conditioning of some classes, as mentioned by Mr. Sadeghdoost, some checking will be done accordingly.

Note 1: the PDF version of “Standardization of Educational Environment” will be submitted on the PTA channel by Mr. Moosavi.

Note 2: the second session, of the two assigned ones, for estimating the educational environment will be set.  

  1. Improving the garden located on the roof of school, as suggested by Mr. Moosavi, for the following  purposes:
  1. An appropriate place for students’ entertainment and laboratory investigations related to plants and flowers.
  2. A friendly-environmental place for the betterment of clearing conditions of classes as well as improving lighting systems.

Note: the corresponsive decisions will be made with the help of Mr. Asgari’s advices.

  1.  The probability of installing solar panels on the roof of school will be studied and investigated by Mr. Moosavi in order to have an economic and solarize utilization of energy.
  2. Discussions and concerns regarding sanitarian issues of school swimming pool, including:
  1. Installing water- pumping cisterns on the grounds of bathrooms in order to prevent students’ slipping, causing some physical injuries, as well as a safe place letting students wash their hairs sufficiently.
  2. Using pool beds that are resistant to water and as a result decrease the probability of slipping. It should be mentioned that Mr. Ansari is supposed to investigate the issue.

Note: Making “swimming class” optional for students who desire or have to substitute another type of sport, as suggested by Mr. Sadeghdoost. In so far as the educational schedule, as proposed by Mrs. Khanjari, had been set, at least the point is impossible for this academic year.

  1. Improving the quality of sports training via limiting the number of sport classes was another issue that was suggested.
  2.  Since Ice skating class, though an entertaining sport, seems not practical in Iran, due to its mostly hot weather, its substitution by skating class was an issue that was proposed by Mr. Sadeghdust and rejected by Mrs. Ashrafi for the significance of this sport for entertainment aims.
  3.  Sportive perspectives of the school, as a document, were proponed by Mrs. Ashrafi, as well.
  4. Some reports regarding students’ behavioral conditions at school was presented by Mrs. Ziadbakhsh, as the training deputy. It includes:  
  1. Reflecting problems related to either school or home conditions in order to help the students have a better and healthy atmosphere via Mrs. Ziadbakhsh’s abilities of handling the situations.
  2. Applying different methods for the betterment of each students’ individual abilities by respecting their age and grade. For example, “self-knowing” and “self-analytical” activities for students of grades sixth, seventh, and eighth or concentrative activities in the form of sports, like jumping, and role playing for students of lower grades for the betterment and increasing their physical and psychological status.
  3. Discussions and games for increasing and improving students’ self-confidence and short-range memories.

Note 1: making available a video record of Mrs. Ziadbakhsh’s publically advisory meeting on the school site. (A suggestion by Mrs. Ziadbakhsh)

Note 2: inserting sanitarian and psychological guidance into the public meeting. (A suggestion by Mr. Ziadbakhsh)

Note 3: benefiting from Mrs. Ziadbakhsh’s presence in Teacher-Parents’ meeting, allocated to individual grades, in order to have the report of each grade particularly. (A suggestion by Mrs. Khodaee)

  1. During a meeting in Bahman, claimed by Mrs. Khanjari, students from different cities are supposed to introduce their tradition and customs via various means including: traditional costumes, local dish, and dialects.
  2. A sitting in order to explain and clarify PTA’s activities to students’ parents is going to be settled for the next week. The precise date will be informed by Mrs. Khanjari.


  PTA Meeting-Report 2  

In The Name Of God

Parents and Teachers’ Association (2016-2017) (95-96)

Session two

Subject: Report 2

The second session of Parents and Teachers’ Association was held on October 31, 2016, from

8: 00 to 10:00. the following activities were done respectively:

  1. A comment section on international department’s website has been created for parents to give any suggestions or complaints. Parents may reach this section by logging in with the students’ username and password.
  2. It was also decided to make the English- language version of the record of each session of parents and teachers’ association available in the site, while the Persian-language version will be available in different grades’ particular channels.
  3. The recent visit of Soodeh Educational Complex by the Finish president’s spouse, Mrs. Jennie Haukio on Tuesday, 25 October 2016, was also discussed. In fact, it was emphasized that such types of relationships could improve educational goals of school from different aspects.
  4. Bathroom sanitation, as the first item of association’s agenda; Improving the Quality of Educational Environment, was discussed in detail and decisions were made as the following:
  1. Improving student’s skills via motivating activities at school, such as class planned discussions and activities and weekly reminders to students by their teachers.
  2. Qualifying both parents and students in this respect via different didactic means like brochures, and video clips. Accordingly, the association’s members were supposed to collect whatever types of mediums, from different sources, regarding bathroom sanitation.
  3. Visiting bathrooms by some of the association members (including Mr. Sadeghdust, Mr. Behnam, Mr. Ansari, and Mrs. Bavili) on the upcoming Thursday, November 3, 2016, at 09:00am, in order to provide a general report for the association for better decisions. Also, since some other members were not able to accompany this group on Thursday, it was scheduled to have an extra visit on Saturday, November 5, 2016.
  1. Air Handling Units and air conditioners, as the second item of association’s agenda, was another topic that was argued. As a result, the following decisions were made:
  1. Installing appropriate thermometers in each class.
  2. Companionship of Mr. Zamani, as the person in charge of clearing systems of school, in the visitatorial session on Thursday, in order to investigate the facilities regarding air handling units and later, Mr. Moosavi’s directions, for he is a professional in this filed, are going to be taken into account, as well.
  1. Chairs and tables’ (furniture) conditions, as the third item of association’s agenda, were marked, too, due to students’ complaints regarding to inappropriate condition of chairs like the improper height. So, the following resolutions were taken:
  1. Frequent visiting sessions, at least every summer in addition to other investigating visiting sessions throughout the educational year, will be planned.
  2. Benefiting Mr. Moosavi’s companionship in order to estimate chairs’ standard statues. 
  1. Improving and ordering the traffic and congestion of school neighborhood and school’s own entrances were discussed as the forth and the last item of association’s agenda. Hence, the improving students’ transporting system provided by school, as well as some practical suggestions for the traffic and congestion in neighborhood were emphasized.




  PTA Meeting- Report 1  

In The Name Of God

Parents and Teachers’ Association (2016-2017) (95-96)

Session one

Subject: Report 1

The first session of Parents and Teachers’ Association was held on 25 October 2016, from 8: 00 to 10:00. The following activities were done respectively:

  1. Since it was the first session, the chairperson, the vice chairperson, and the secretory of association were elected as follows: (the remaining members are included):
  1. Mr. Reza Sadeghdust (the chairperson) (Anita Sadeghdust’s father)
  2. Mr. Morteza Musavi (the vice chairperson)
  3. Mrs. Azadeh Khodaee (the secretory) (Hosna Habibi’s mother)
  4. Mr.  Ansari ( Avina’s father)
  5.  Mrs. Sharareh Behnamnia (Sara Ajorlu’s mother)
  6. Mrs. Mahtab Bavili (alternate member) (Ghazal Bavili’s mother)
  7.  Mr.  Behnam (Bahar’s father) (alternate member) 
  1. Upcoming sessions by 7 March 2017 (17/12/95) were appointed as follows:
  1. October 31, 2016 (10/08/95)
  2. November 14, 2016 (24/08/95)
  3. November 29, 2016 (09/09/ 95)
  4. December 14, 2016 (22/09/95)
  5. December 26, 2016 (06/10/95)
  6. January 10, 2017 (21/10/95)
  7. January 30, 2017 (11/11/95)
  8. March 7, 2017 (17/12/95)

         Note1. The remaining sessions, that are going to be held after Norouz holidays, will be decided on 7 March 2017.

         Note 2. All sessions will be held on Mondays except for the third, sixth, and eighth ones which are going to be held with the company of Mrs. Habibi as the teachers’ representative.

         Note3. It will be scheduled to have the company of Mrs. Ziadbakhsh as the teacher of skill of life.

  1. It was decided to initiate a Telegram group (including all the members, Mrs. Ashrafi, and Mrs. Khanjari) in order to provide an accessible medium to share the gist of the shared comments and information. 
  2. It was also decided that the secretory of association, Mrs. Azadeh Khodaee,

record each session

  1. It was resolved to designate a section on the website via which parents of different grades will be able to inform the school of their concerns and comments. In short, this section will be characterized as:
  1. Visible to all members.
  2. Visible only to commenting parent (not all parents).
  3. Providing a username and a password for each parent of international school students to leave a comment if desired. 
  1. Bathroom sanitation was one of the topics that was discussed as follows:
  1. Each student’s hygiene skills.
  2. School’s concern regarding the general sanitation of bathrooms.
  1. Problems regarding the traffic and congestion of school neighborhood.
  2. Finally, the critical objects of educational year were offered by members, including:
  1. Physical-health plans by school, like orderly medical tests.
  2. Teaching problem-solving skills to students.
  3. Planning an objective program to increase book-reading culture at school.
  4. Objective field trips in sufficient numbers.
  5.  Increasing laboratory and practical teaching methods instead of memorizing and book-dependent ones.
  6. Hygienic issues like bathroom sanitation.
  7. Use of English in teaching all subjects like Music, Sport, and Quran.