Application Form

Thank you for your interest in Soodeh International School. We understand how important it is to choose a school for your children and we will try to make sure all the information you need is at hand. The Rules and Regulations and the required information and documents are elaborated below.


Rules and Regulations

  • Please fill out the online enrollment form.
  • KG to Grade 9 students are eligible to apply for admission
  • The date for the placement test will be announced to the applicants
  • A placement test will be carried out on the announced date and if the required levels are achieved, the applicants will be contacted to have a face-to-face meeting with the educational coordinator and a short tour around the school premises

If accepted, the school will inform you of the required equipment and the start date.

Required Documents

 2copies of the applicants’ and parents’ passports

 2copies of the applicants’ and parents’ National ID Card

2copies of (Iranian) birth certificate of the applicants and parents

Copy of students latest School reports

  •  2Long term Visa or resident cards or citizenship (applicants and parent)

 2copies of applicants’ updated immunization card


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